Thank you for your support. I'm sorry to say that I didn't win.

We had several things going against us, starting with breaking my leg and ending with the global pandemic.

Two major factors contributed to our loss. First, there were four male candidates and one female candidate. Women did very well in this election. There were 13 countywide judicial races, 11 of which were won by women (including four who defeated candidates slated by the Democratic Party). 16 women won nomination in the subcircuits compared to five men (four of whom had no female opponent). And a woman won one of two seats on the Appellate Court even though her opponent was slated by the party and had higher bar association recommendations. The other Appellate Court seat was won by a well-qualified man who had the good fortune to be opposed by three women. He received only 33 percent of the vote, meaning that 67 percent of the voters voted for one of his three women opponents.

Second, the campaign committee of the candidate who won had $147,000 loaned by a family member. I wouldn't have spent that much money even if I had it to spend.

It's embarrassing to the party that our nomination was won by a Republican. The party organizations need to take a more active role in recruiting, slating, and supporting good Democratic candidates for judge. Especially good women candidates.

I've always doubted that electing judges is a good idea. My experience as a candidate has only confirmed that belief. Let me know if you have any thoughts about this.

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